SECONDroom In-Out Nr. 02 / Antoine Duchenet

26th October 2021, 18 - 22 pm

Café Het Been
Belpairestraat 28, 2600 Antwerpen

SECONDroom In-Out - Hacking Reality :

Sr/In-Out is a new platform of SECONDroom where the exhibition no longer takes place in a predestined exhibition space, but in daily reality. With Sr/IN we want to explore, together with the artist and the location partner, other exhibition possibilities.
Sr/IN chooses as location a public, operational space (café, park, garage...).
SECONDroom invites the artist to realise an intervention - based on his own oeuvre - that intervenes in the context without disturbing the functioning of the chosen place.
Only for visitors who frequent the space on a regular basis will the intervention be noticed fairly quickly. For the (occasional) guests, the artistic intervention will be visible "differently". The manoeuvre provokes questions that can only be unravelled when it becomes an active part of the hacked reality. In this way, artistic and social events are mixed and aligned.
With Sr/IN, SECONDroom strives for a pure operation in which more is possible with less and in which the artistic is 'incorporated' into everyday life in an informal way.