Exhibition views, Plastic Love#2, cur. by Pauline Creuzé and Jung Huh.

January 2019
at 59 rue Rivoli,
Paris, Fr.

(Hanged forms) Essayez avec un peu de tendresse, 2019 ;
oilcloth filled with wadding, colored threads, eyelets, ball chain, clasps, neon nylon and chimes, variables dimensions.

(Perfored grill on the wall) Removable pop painting, 2019 ;
perfored iron grill (60 x 90 cm), pop rivets, hooks and parts of Essayez avec un peu de tendresse.

(Last image, wall hanging on the background) Cinq saucisses étincelantes sur fond bleu velouté, co-realised with Pauline Rima, 2019 ; glued sequins on synthetic suede ; 210 x 130 cm.